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1. Cleanse skin & pat dry - you can put on skincare products & cosmetics after application!

2. Lightly spray 1-2 pumps at a time directly onto skin from ~6 inches away, using a blending brush or mitt to sweep into large circular motions until desired area is covered.

3. Let dry (only takes a moment). We recommend using our instant drying powder to blend onto neck & any creases to take away any "stickiness".  

4. Once dry, you may apply your serums, moisturizer, SPF, makeup, 

Our mist will leave a subtle glow instantly and develop darker throughout the day. This formula does not need to rinsed off at a certain time like our airbrush tans do, so you can glow & go!


1. Keep a damp cloth near you during application to quickly fix mistakes & so you can wipe down palms to prevent tan from developing.

2. If you're tanning your full body, start from the bottom & work your way up to avoid messing up your upper body tan.

3. When tanning hands, separate & bend your fingers (like a claw) over a sink/tub (easy clean up). Lightly spray 1 pump onto your hand & lightly blend up onto your fingers with a brush, taking it easy over the knuckles. 

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